What I've learned doing growth at Travis the Translator

Last month I ran a crowdfunding campaign as head of growth at Travis the Translator. We set an $80K campaign goal, we had a month to achieve that audacious goal. We ended up raising $628K. What a ride.

What I've learned:

1. Your contributors don't find you by themselves It's important to start building community ASAP. Have all of your fans in one place to be able to directly communicate with them and gather qualitative info. You can use this info for your ad copy later. Build a large email list before launch. Reach out to tech reporters. Ramp up your FB ads.

2. You need to check your growth rates daily Growth is a continual process. You need to be focussing on it constantly to keep moving the needle. Running a successful crowdfunding campaign is straight up hustle. You need to continually be running experiments and double down on the ones that work.

3. Crowdfunding campaigns are madness These past few months were madness. It's basically a complete business launch condensed into one month. Lots of chaos but also lots of excitement. This was a crazy ride and I'm super excited for the Travis team and genuinely believe they will change the world for the better. I'm totally excited for my new projects.

Let's do this.

Keep hustling 👊