Hello World!

This the first blog post on my personal website. Ever. I will not use the opportunity to make this a very lengthy and shareable post with many insights. On the contrary, it will be short and sweet and I will use it to introduce some of the topics that interest me so that you know what to expect from me in the future. 

Growth Marketing

I am obsessive about growth. I'm currently freelancing as a growth marketer and love to keep up to date with the latest trends and tools, which I will in turn share here.

Visual Design

I have a background in visual presentation design. Even though this doesn't have my main focus anymore, I still get enthusiastic about good visual design and will sometimes share my opinion on current trends.

Public Speaking

My passion for public speaking is actually an extension of my passion for visual presentation design. I love to visualize my story, but only if it supports my told story in the right balance. I am also a pitch mentor at an accelerator program.


I am a huge productivity fan and love to find new frameworks and tools to help me be the most productive I can be. I'm a fanatic GTD-practitioner and use a plethora of productivity tools to keep my day going. 

Those are the topics I am most likely to take some deep dives in on my blog, but there definitely are some other topics (Blockchain, AI, AR) that have my interest and will likely be mentioned here too somewhere down the line. Looking forward to keeping this blog regularly updated with fresh content and some well structured informational pieces!